About Danny Land

Since 2010 master carpenter and craftsman Danny Land has put his expertise and knowledge of how homes are put together to work for you performing home inspections throughout Fairfield County.

Danny comes from a long line of carpenters going back four generations to his great,  great grandfather Law Land, a Master Jointer.

   “my parents supported my interest in woodworking, buying me my own hand tools and building me a work bench when I was just 7 years old.   I would spend hours in the basement, building all sorts of things.  By the time I entered middle school shop class, I was building grandfather clocks while the rest of the kids were struggling with birdhouses.”


Danny and his wife Shelby, son Teagin and daughter Indigo

      Shortly after high school Danny began working as a framer for C&C construction, building high end homes in lower Fairfield County.

      After work, Danny would attend Western Connecticut State University where he earned his Bachelors degree in Justice in Law Administration with a Minor in Art.    Following graduating college, Danny continued to work building homes, doing renovations, additions, and building custom cabinets and furniture, and even sets for broadway theater.

    Following the birth of his second child Danny left the construction business to start Land Made LLC, and inspect homes full time. Known for being thorough and meticulous, Danny spends the time not only inspecting the house, but pointing out potential “down the road” issues with his clients as well as educating them on the systems itself.

More than just checking off boxes Danny gets up on the ladder, crawls on his back and squeezes in to tight fits to find the root of potential problems.

Buying a home is serious business and not to be taken lightly but as much as you want your inspector to see through walls and predict the future, he or she is only human and has the same abilities and limitations at the next guy.  Each home is different and will pose its own set of conditions that may or may not allow access and inspection of all areas and systems. Evaluating the evidence and visual cues to determine the difference of a minor cosmetic issue or more serious concern requires experience and expertise. It is here where Dannys lifetime of experience in home construction and repair brings him to the top of the list when it comes to picking a home inspector.

Give Danny a call and let him walk you through what to expect, services offered, prices and the best time for you. At the end of the day he is working on your behalf to make sure there are no unknowns when you take ownership of your new house.

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