Customer Testimonials

I found Danny at Land Made through a Google search after everyone I knew recommended another home inspector that we had used before and not been satisfied with.  Danny arrived before our scheduled appointment (which was at 7:30am!) and was already inspecting the outside of the home when we arrived.  He took about 10 minutes to introduce himself and to explain what the home inspection would entail.  He was very thorough in his explanation and encouraged us to ask questions.  He is very knowledgeable and approachable.  He spent about two hours inspecting the interior and exterior of the home, and then he stayed about 10-15 minutes afterwards answering our questions and speaking with us and our with our realtor.  I felt that his answers were thoughtful and informative.  He also offered his opinion as to which items we should ask the sellers to repair and which items we should take care of ourselves.  When he returned to the home to pick up the radon test, I think he took the liberty to go through the house one more time (it’s vacant) and he even sent us a few more photos of a crawl space that he didn’t access the first time he came to the house.  He sent us a very detailed report with numerous photos that I’m sure we will continue to reference as long as we own the home.  When our water test came back with high sodium levels, he offered to speak to his friends in the industry and called the water company that prepared the test.  He wrote us a very detailed email outlining the various reasons that could cause high sodium levels as well as what our options were for fixing the problem.  We really appreciated Danny’s attention to detail and would recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection.

Shawna, Danbury Ct


Thank you so much for your fantastic work.  We sincerely appreciate the time you spent with us, the insight you gave, along with all the explanations.  Purchasing a home is scary, and you have eased our worries and helped immensely!

Linda U,   Monroe Ct

“We were extremely pleased with Danny’s services, value, and professionalism. In a business that requires a quick turn-around time, he was very prompt with returning phone calls and responding to emails, getting the inspection scheduled, and sending back the report. He is very personable, patiently explains his process and each component of the inspection, and is clearly highly experienced and knowledgeable. We appreciated his services and recommendations for other professionals of similar quality and believe he provides excellent value.”

Kate Updegrove

We recently purchased a home in Easton and used Danny from Land Made for our home inspection.  Not only did he do an excellent, in depth inspection for us,  but he did it in a manner that was extremely professional and easy for us to understand and interpret.  As a person in the trades myself, I was able to fully appreciate the knowledge that Danny brought to the table.  Upon receiving our inspection report, we felt 100% confident that all areas of our future home was evaluated properly and thoroughly.  We highly recommend Danny at Land Made home inspection.

Chris and Jolene, Easton, CT

I was unsure of the condition of my house as it was unoccupied for over a year when I purchased it. And although Danny found a couple of issues, he assured me it was nothing major and I could be confident moving ahead with my purchase. I was glad I did and happy I had Danny in my corner.

P. Briarwood, Redding, CT


Danny is a complete professional. We were moving to Weston from the West Coast with my husband, two kids and a golden. Not knowing the area or much about the typical weather conditions and climate of Connecticut, Danny taught us about things we never even considered before having lived in LA our whole lives. We still send him Christmas cards every year as a way to show our appreciation of how much he did for us.

J. Gallo, Weston, CT


I have purchased several homes over the years and had multiple home inspections done. I really wish I had Danny for all of them.  His attention to detail and calm approach left my wife and I extremely confident in our purchasing of our new home. He identified a few areas of concern, made maintenance recommendations and even answered some more complicated questions about possible future changes to the home.  He went well beyond our expectations and set the bar for any future home inspections.  

H. Collins, Westport, CT


I called four different home inspection companies looking for pricing and availability.   While Danny was not the cheapest, he was far from the most expensive and was clearly the most knowledgeable.  I certainly don’t want to go spending money where I don’t have to, its clear I would have gotten a low quality inspection from the cheaper company.  My agent agreed that Danny was the best value for the quality of the inspection he provided.  I am 100% satisfied with his inspection and the report he provides is outstanding. 

C. Fields, Bethel, CT


I have been a real-estate agent for the past 25 years and have met hundreds of home inspectors, some really great, and some terrible ones.   Danny is without question the best I have met and have recommended him to all of my customers since I met him two years ago.  In our business, reputation is everything, if my client is unhappy with me or someone I recommend, I won’t get their referral to their friends looking to buy or sell a home.  I want a home inspector who can properly locate, identify and explain the problems without undue fear for my buyers.  I have gotten nothing but great feedback from my clients about Dannys professionalism and thoroughness.  I just wish I had met him years ago! 

S. Smith,  Brookfield, CT.


I’ll admit, I don’t know anything about houses, but thankfully Danny does, and he saved us thousands of dollars in repair costs. The home was only 5 years old and looked perfect both inside and out.  It turns out the house was built without a flashing installed which was allowing water to drain down behind the front steps.  He noted a small amount of dirt and staining on the crawlspace wall, removed a small piece of insulation and uncovered a huge section of rotten framing that was completely hidden from view. My father in law is a retired builder and was with us at the inspection, he was amazed that Danny knew to look there.   The owners contacted the original builder of the home and he came and fixed the problem for free. He admitted his workers didn’t install the flashing in this area properly and owned up to his mistake. If Danny hadn’t found that damage, the problem would have gotten much worse and cost us a lot of money.  To think that I wasn’t even going to have a home inspection, so glad my wife insisted, and so very happy we found Danny to do it.  The cost of the inspection was totally worth it.  

R. Mahoney, Brookfield, CT.


Dan was great for us and our new home.  He was honest and fair, and admitted his lack of experience with a new venting system on our boiler.  He researched the product and contacted me later that night with what he had found, including that the system was not installed per the manufactures installation instructions and needed alterations to be made safe.  I appreciate his honesty and ability to admit when he didn’t know something. He didn’t let ego get in the way and went the extra mile to do a thorough job.

B. Davis,  Danbury, CT.


If you have had a home inspection performed by Danny and would like to give feedback of your Land Made experience, we would be happy to hear them and share them on our Testimonial page. Please feel free to submit one on our Contact Us link.


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